T H E   J O N E S E S



Kyle and Megan were our first official wedding clients. We didn't even have a name for the company at the time. After a few meetings and hearing their story it really changed our approach to the project and felt it was too special to not be a grand story and too be honest it's one of our favorites as well as many of our clients.


Lets rewind to late 2013 when we recieved a call from a long time friend asking if we did wedding photography. This was before PRSRVE was a thing and we were working in different industries but had been heavily thinking about how we would do weddings differently (old tag line haha). Initially we were all for it but we had a previous relationship with Kyle and knew he would be a great character for a wedding film and our idea of a save the date. Next was too meet Megan and start building that relationship which we wanted that to be a large part of what PRSRVE did. Build relationships and tell stories,


Their story begins at a university with a bike ride and we wanted to recreate a moment for them. Thier story started with cheesy jokes as Kyle often uses and it only grew from there. We followed them around and made some nice photos and film that explains how important the bike was to Kyle and how it allowed them both to meet.


Below you can view their engagement photos and the save the date film.






Going into this wedding we decided we needed the best gear and crew to make our first project the best it could be. This mentality really showed through on this project and has continued to be our mentality ever since. We spent our day keeping up with the joneses and getting a solid mixture of shared emotions, details of the day and a story that would make this impactful. The weather was perfect and everthing we had to shoot just came so natural throughout the day.


When working all the images and film in post production we were in love with the results and couldn't wait to get this into our clients hand. We actually coordinated with Kyle to get him everything so he could surprise Megan after a long day of work. The most gratifying feeling was hearing them call us and tell us how in love they were with everything. That feeling alone was the main reason we decided this was something we needed to be doing. Creating everlasting pieces of content that are enjoyable to look back on, share with family and hopefully give their children an example of what love looks like is why we do this.



Check out the wedding film and photos. It's some of our favorite work to date!