T H E   J O S E P H  ' S


This wedding was especially rewarding, because Doug and Angela are both creative people that really just let us have fun and make their film special. They went with the moment during their day and left their stress at the door. 


Their wedding day took place in Dexter, MI at Zigerman's, a historic 42 acre farm that offered endless opportunities for their film. Their day was designed elegantly and felt open and inviting, which dictated a airy light-hearted approach to their film. From decor to wardrobe it had a nice touch of class while still being organic. That comes across in the film. 


We're no stranger to weddings and understand that long hours come with the territory, but in addition this one was a hot one. 91 degrees will slow anyone down. To fight against the weather we made sure to keep ourselves hydrated and broke our day up with a mixture of indoor and outdoor details. Be smart, drink water (pro tip).

One thing that made this day easier than usual was the excellent help of Doug and Angela's wedding planner, Rebekkah Rosado. Her company, Runway Events, is by far the best we've worked with. She paid so much detail to the day, literally run often, keep constant communication with all vendors, took care of all problems with great solutions and was the super hero of the day. A plus in our book!



Below you can view their wedding film.