T H E   H O T T M A N ' S



The Hottman wedding was one of those instances that showcase how powerful word of mouth leads are. Jarrett and Joann were recommended, because of our style and approach to weddings. A mutual friend of both parties felt they fit made sense and connected the dots.


Once we sat down with J + J we both knew it was meant to be. Their story was powerful, love for one another was strong and both parties shared respect for one another. They shared a really passionate and caring love for one another and it was obvious to us that we could tell this story and showcase this love best through film and photo together. This lead us to the Story-teller package.


We set out on a hot May evening to shoot their engagement session and engagement film. Engagement photos are so common while we feel a lot of couples miss out on the fun and significance of engagement films. We love shooting them. They are a really creative way to invite guests while saving some money in the process (read our blog on RSVP pages for more info on saving money). They also share the real story behind why these two lovely people are getting married so you have a more thorough reason to celebrate their day.


Below you can view their engagement photos and the save the date film.






Jarrett + Jo's wedding date was Halloween night of 2015 and horror movie themed at the Clazel Theatre in Bowling Green, OH. The Clazel Theatre has quite a few perks we love in a venue space. Accommodating to a wedding parties schedule is huge for the couple and all vendors involved. The space is beautiful, dark and has a very creative touch that fit the Hottman's well. Their wedding day planner helped keep good communication and ensured a great night for everyone.


The day got started early and went very fast from hotel to the theatre and some back and forth since the guys had to do the decorating the morning of the wedding. We captured testimonies, the emotions of the day and all the micro moments that make a wedding day special. The timeline of the day was hectic, but with everyone involved it made for a rewarding and beautiful wedding. It's weddings like this we love to look back on and know the day was covered, but also had special touches that make it standout from others.


One way we added value and saved Jarrett + Jo time was pre scouting locations, planning for low lighting at the Clazel Theatre and building a strong relationship with Jarrett + Joann before their wedding day. We knew what they needed/expected and it made it much easier to deliver great results. This made everyone's day go smoother just being prepared and ready to make the most of the day.


Check out the wedding film and photos. It's some of our favorite work to date!