G A G E   +   H A N N A H



Gage, one of our photographers and cinematographers, has decided to marry his long time high school sweet heart of 8 years this October. We knew this shoot would be super relaxed and really fun since we all share a good relationship. Downside of the day was that it rained non stop, but the upside was that it didn't matter. We still go some of our best engagement images and had a blast doing it.


Gage and Hannah often like taking mini adventures and Blackhand Gorge was a frequently visited location so we decided to head there after a pit stop at Tom's Icecream Bowl. I feel like the theme of the day was green, because everything was so vibrant and the rain really just gave every image a ton of contrast. You can view their session below. 


Our next challenge is figuring out how to capture their big day in October. It's a hard mix of wanting everyone to enjoy themselves but also wanting to deliver beautiful photos and video of their day. Whe nthe time comes well show and tell how we made that work.