T H E   G R O S E L ' S



Indian weddings are what we like to call an endurance race that last three days. When we met with Max and Nisha we discussed details and found that this wasn't just our first indian wedding but theirs as well. We really wanted to make sure we were ready to handle the task at hand so instead of doing a crew of two we did a crew of three and that was a good call.


Outside of the wedding being filled with amazing decor, wardrobe and indian culture we ended up running through batteries and memory for our camera and had to designate our third member to managing the media and creating a charge station for battereis so we could continue to keep up with the busy day.


This wedding also highlighted a lot of dancing and created some great memories for us. We got to try a lot of deliscious indian food, learn about the culture and see a dance ceremony that told their love story.


Below you can view their wedding film.