G E R A L D   +   J E N N



You know that saying about it being a small world? It's true and odd that we hadn't all met sooner. Jenn originally from Zanesville as are we and Gerald sharing a lot of mutual friends came our way when friends told them what we do and how we do it. We met Gerald a few month earlier working on a friends music project and took it from there to meet and discuss their wedding. We love couples who enjoy a good meeting and can offer a great conversation. Getting to know their relationship, it was clear that they both are driven and goal oriented. They shared great communication and care for each others life goals. This makes them push off each others success to do better and better reaching new heights constantly. We left the meeting motivated and determined to make a great story for these two. The Story-teller package suited them well and let us do a lot.


Columbus is their current home so we set out to capture the city and their story in it. The Franklington district set the backdrop for the film and was a nice way to showcase their current place in life with their wedding being in Zanesville.


Their engagement session was easy going and organic with minimal posing. They were so fun and laid back. During engagement session we get to know how our couples work together. A lot can be figured out in a short period of time and it pays off on wedding days when time is short. 

The film tells their story pretty well and showcases being in love as well as being goal oriented together.


Below you can view their engagement film + photos.






Jumping into their wedding we had a few challenges, but nothing out of the ordinary. The biggest was time. We had a shorter than usual day to get everything from the girls prepping at Kali Co Salon and making our way to Cornerstone for the ceremony and reception. The night before their wedding, at their rehearsal, we prepped a few photos and planned for minimal lighting and scouted our outdoor shots. This eased up the time table quite a bit. In addition we made up and reviewed a schedule for the day with Gerald + Jenn. 

Going into the day we were able to maximize the time we had and keep everyone happy.

From a creative standpoint, their day was chalked full of people who loved and believed in them. Getting to interview Jenn's father made for a beautiful and poetic sound bite for their film. It was the topping on the cake that he also officiated the ceremony. Their story is real and motivating. They both matured through the relationship and formed themselves as a couple. We think time will show that this is what strong relationships are built on.

The photos and film are below.