T H E   B A K E R ' S


In the beginning they wanted a simple photography package, but shortly after talking details, seeing our video work and diving deeper into what we do their changed their mind and wanted to go all out. We set up a meeting and talked details about their day as well as their story of going from friend zone material to wedding day goals. Nice guys don't always finish last. 


We heard a story of trust, dedication to win a woman over and sharing years of conversations together. Love is built on these foundations and it lead them to a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family. Family had advice to share and care for them.

Before their wedding we took an adventure out to Levi's property and captured the session in a place that's important to them as well as things that determined them as a couple. We got creative while keeping it true to them. 

Images below for proof.





Betty made the day easy for a number of reasons. She and her party all share some background in make up so that process was streamlined and simple. In the planning process we talked about making the day simple by keeping the ceremony and reception close so we had time for all photo/video needs. This helped reduced time crunched and gave us more time for making great imagery while respecting the party.


The ceremony was held at Bryan Place in Zanesville and provided for a unique high end look. We had several rooms to navigate between for dress shots and interviews with the wedding party. This made our day go really smooth and stay focused on our bride and groom.


The film and photos have a classy edge to them that we love and because the day was pretty smooth sailing we got to take our time making exactly what both the couple and PRSRVE wanted. The results are stellar.


Check out the wedding film and photos below.